Kietoparao and Centro Psicología Bilbao have created a support service for families to help you on this complicated path of educating in the digital age. This support has an approach based on Positive Discipline and Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, and is supported by certified professionals in the field of psychology.

Many families encounter difficult situations when managing screens, they have specific doubts and want to change habits in their home.

Thanks to this solution-oriented support you will be able to find a guide to improve. The sessions are interspersed with resources to carry out the path that will be outlined for change. Planners, activity ideas, games... a lot of documentation that will accompany you during this time.

  • Psicóloga Beatriz Alonso

    I am passionate about my work and I am always in constant training. I like to create, listen to and accompany people from an approach focused on the present.
    I am a psychologist and pedagogue, with more than 15 years of experience in the educational and clinical field, accompanying people and families from the approach of Brief Therapy Focused on Solutions and Positive Discipline.

  • Psicóloga Nerea Bergara

    As a Social Educator and Psychologist, I am interested in the field of minors and adolescents, their integration into the environment that surrounds them, as well as their psychoeducational development. Emotional Intelligence plays a very important role in the development of people and for this reason, I consider myself an unconditional ambassador of this area, always promoting it.
    I am integrating Positive Discipline as a philosophy of life in the professional and personal sphere.

  • Psicóloga Patricia Aguirre

    I am warm and close, I am always eager to learn and train. I love my job and I feel lucky to be able to guide people in the search for solutions and help them discover their potential.
    I work from Brief Solution Focused Therapy as a psychologist. Certified in Positive Discipline. I provide therapy for adults, adolescents and children, as well as re-education in learning difficulties.

  • Psicóloga Leire Lapina

    Humor and energy are two concepts that define me very well. I consider myself passionate about my profession and I dedicate myself to it with enthusiasm.
    Specializing in different fields of psychology such as Forensic Psychology and Positive Discipline help me work in a multidisciplinary way.

  • Psicóloga Estíbaliz Vicente

    I studied psychology because I have always found it a luxury to meet different people and listen to what their experiences teach them in their daily lives. I love sharing conversations and accompanying you in the pursuit of your goals. I consider myself a happy, positive, sensitive, loving person and a great seeker of new challenges. I am a psychologist in the clinical and educational field, and I love my job.

  • Psicóloga Virginia Rodrigo

    I am a sensitive person with a great sense of humor. I have always been passionate about my work, since I started this journey as a psychologist 30 years ago. My approach in psychotherapy is and has been Solution Focused Therapy, which focuses on people's resources and possibilities. In recent years, I have become certified in Positive Discipline for Families, Classrooms, and Organizations.