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punctual consultation

punctual consultation

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If you have specific questions about screen management, we can help you here.

How to turn off the TV without it being a drama, clear limits with screens, doubts about age-appropriate content, learning to differentiate online content, how to make more conscious use of screens...

Whatever your question may be, you can send it to the Bilbao Psychology Center team so we can help you.

Furthermore, at Kietoparao we will accompany your doubts with resources and ideas to make responsible use of screens.

We listen to you and accompany you in the change.

What does the “Specific Consultation” service include?

This service includes:

  • A personalized counseling consultation by psychology professionals with extensive experience in supporting families. This consultation can be carried out through live videoconference or through email and delayed video.
  • Custom-made materials and documentation , such as planners, ideas for activities and alternative games to screens, etc.

How do I know which package I need?

You can hire the specific consultation if:

  • In general, you feel quite confident about how to manage the issue of screens at home, but you have some specific doubts .
  • You want advice from a professional person in the matter to reach basic agreements with your partner regarding this issue.
  • You want to have a first contact with the professional to decide later if you want to do more continuous support over time (3 sessions).
  • You have very young sons and daughters and, although the issue of screens is not yet a problem at home, you would like to have certain notions to know how to manage it preventively .

There are two ways to contract this service:

Consultations by email and sending a video of the psychologist in response to the email.

Consultations by videoconference.

You can contract the “delayed email and video” option if:

  • It is difficult for you to get continuous time .
  • You prefer to express all your concerns and doubts in writing .
  • You would like your partner and other family members to also be able to access the guidance.
  • You think it is important to always have the guidelines at hand and be able to watch the video on more than one occasion.

You can contract the “videoconference” modality if:

  • You like to be able to resolve doubts that may arise at the same moment .
  • You have some time flexibility to do a live session.

How does it work?

Once you have purchased the package that best suits your needs, you will receive an email in your inbox with the order confirmation and:

  • An explanatory dossier on how it works, what we are going to do and
  • A link to the questionnaire.

This questionnaire will allow us to know in more detail your concerns, doubts, etc., regarding the use of screens, and especially, what you would like to achieve thanks to this service (your objectives).

Once the questionnaire has been received, within a maximum of 24 hours (Monday to Friday), we will contact you to schedule the first counseling session, send you the ZOOM access link (if you have contracted the videoconferencing service) and explain in more detail how it will work between sessions.

If you have contracted the delayed email and video service, after receiving the completed questionnaire, we will send you a complete, professional and applicable response within a maximum period of 7 days, as well as the rest of the instructions on how to proceed for future queries.

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