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Centro Psicología Bilbao

Screen management accompaniment

Screen management accompaniment

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Kietoparao and Centro Psicología Bilbao have created a support service for families to help you on this complicated path of educating in the digital age.

Many families encounter difficult situations when managing screens, they have specific doubts and want to change habits in their home.

Thanks to this solution-oriented support you will be able to find a guide to improve. The sessions are interspersed with resources to carry out the path that will be outlined for change. Planners, activity ideas, games... a lot of documentation that will accompany you during this time.

Sometimes we have to change the words we use, or create a family plan involving them. It doesn't matter how old your sons/daughters are. If you think you need help, we are here to help you.

Each family is a world and that is why we have created a personalized way of finding adapted solutions. A space to listen, talk and be able to assist in the management of the screens.

Manage screens in the little ones, the first mobile phone, use of video games...

We know that changing habits is not easy, and although we generally talk about 21 days, the truth is that it takes more time to change health-related habits. Specifically, it takes 6 months, therefore, from this support we give the option to distance the sessions contracted in the package throughout that time, to provide continuous support, as well as offer strategies and tools to help you in this task.

What does the “Screen management support” service include?

This service includes:

  • 3 personalized counseling sessions by psychology professionals with extensive experience in supporting families. This service can be performed through live videoconference or through email and delayed video (the modalities cannot be combined).
  • Custom-made materials and documentation , such as planners, ideas for activities and alternative games to screens, etc.
  • Guidelines and recommendations for work between sessions.

How do I know which package I need?

You can contract the 3-session “Screen management support” service if:

  • You consider that there is excessive consumption of screens at home and you don't know how to reverse that situation.
  • You believe that there are many open fronts and it is necessary to establish a more continuous action plan over time.
  • You are worried that your sons and daughters may be addicted to screen use.
  • The use of screens is beginning to have a negative impact on other areas of life, such as school performance or the family environment.
  • You need specific resources to manage certain situations at home that occur regularly, such as arguments or non-compliance with the rules regarding screens.
  • You feel that as a father or mother you have been left without tools and need professional help .

There are two ways to contract this service:

Consultations by email and sending a video of the psychologist in response to the email.

Consultations by videoconference.

You can contract the “delayed email and video” option if:

  • It is difficult for you to get continuous time .
  • You prefer to express all your concerns and doubts in writing .
  • You would like your partner and other family members to also be able to access the guidance.
  • You think it is important to always have the guidelines at hand and be able to watch the video on more than one occasion.

You can contract the “videoconference” modality if:

  • You like to be able to resolve doubts that may arise at the same moment .
  • You have some time flexibility to do a live session.
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