In our directory you can find professionals to accompany you and advise you on digital education and/or give talks, courses and workshops.


Beatriz Alonso · Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Psychologist and Pedagogue
Bilbao Psychology Center

More than 15 years of experience in the educational and clinical field, accompanying people and families from the approach of Brief Therapy Focused on Solutions and Positive Discipline.

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María Zabala · Madrid


More than 20 years communicating. I advise on content and events on digital education, I teach culture and digital literacy workshops, and conferences about coexistence with technology.

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María Zalbidea · Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Communicator and Trend Analyst

Author of the book Stitching the Digital Divide and trend expert María is passionate about communication. Help your 4 children and families understand the multi-screen society.

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Laura Cuesta · Madrid

Communicator and Teacher
Digital education for families

More than 10 years as a professional in the digital world, specialized in dissemination and training for safe and healthy use of screens. Create custom courses and workshops.

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Pablo Duchement · Las Palmas de GC

Computer Professor and Judicial Expert

Creator of Ciber Protecter, a fund to help families with minor victims of social media attacks and bullying. Expert in crimes on social networks perpetrated by and against minors.

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Anna Ramis · Barcelona

Teacher and Pedagogue
#from0 to 3NADAdeScreens

Author of "0 to 3 no screens" Anna is a teacher and pedagogue who is an expert in counseling centers and families. He has collaborated, among others, with the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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Friendly Screens · Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Association to promote the healthy use of ICT

They develop projects and resources for the training of children and adolescents, so that they develop digital skills that allow them to participate in a healthy way on the Internet.

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Laura Davara · Madrid

Doctor of Law
DAVARA & DAVARA Legal Advisors

It is part of the first firm specialized exclusively in ICT Law in Spain, since 1984. Focused on data protection, electronic commerce and Social Networks.

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Gaptain · Barakaldo (Bizkaia)

Education and Digital Safety for boys and girls

Roberto Álvarez founded Gaptain with the aim of designing a solution that would help families protect minors against the risks of the internet, social networks and mobile phones.

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