Sobrevivir al día a día jugando con Cristina Saraldi

Survive day to day playing with Cristina Saraldi

Housework, work problems, term birthdays, doctor's appointments... All our responsibilities sometimes make us forget to play. Managing day-to-day life with so much mental load is often complicated. If I told you that having a playful attitude, it would be a little easier for you and the whole family, what would you think?

And what is this about a playful attitude? You will think.

Today Cristina Saraldi, director of froggies and gaming expert. A woman who takes care of childhood from the perspective of play. Where it invites adults to play more, but not with something we don't like at all or something we don't feel like, but rather to have a more playful attitude in everyday situations. It will be easier to make dinner, load the dishwasher, or make the bed.

Here we leave you this conversation that we hope will help you a lot.

Thank you very much Cristina for shedding light on this complicated and beautiful task. You can sign up for their course playing in tribe to have such valuable resources.

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