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Nakieto game

Nakieto game

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Recommended age: from 3 to 99 years.

Instructions and guides in Spanish.

Nákieto de Kietoparao is a game that was born in confinement. In that period new challenges arose; spend energy, get away from the screens, not lose your mind,...
Nákieto helped you achieve it and now you will enjoy it with family and friends! ;)

There are 6 different ways to play Nákieto.
The game includes a guide to 6 games and many ideas to invent new ways to play Nákieto.

The game consists of 10 flags with the images of the characters and a deck of 54 cards (48 sequences and 6 actions).
Sequence cards have different groups of characters and their shadows.
Action cards have a single character with a symbol, to indicate the action they have to perform.

They can play alone and in teams.

Various levels of difficulty.

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