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Kieto Parao Network

Kieto Parao Network

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Recommended age: 6 to 99 years
Instructions and guides in 3 languages: Spanish, English and French.

In Kietoparao's Red Kit you will find more than 20 games together that you can take anywhere, since it is very light and barely takes up space in your bag.
With Kietoparao you have guaranteed hours of fun for the little ones (and relaxation for you) without having to resort to screens. The kit offers games for you to play alone or in company.

The games are based on the STEAM philosophy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) that allows them to develop the skills that will be needed for the jobs of the future.

We use natural, recycled and/or recyclable materials to manufacture the elements of the kit. The boards are made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles and the pieces are made of wood from sustainable forests. In addition, the sewing of the board and bag is done in an association that helps the socio-labor integration of migrants and the kits are assembled by people with functional diversity.

The Red Kit contains:

  • Red fabric bag with four compartments in addition to the central space, to keep all the elements of the kit organized.
  • Double cloth board to play checkers and oriental 3-in-a-row, with 24 wooden chips.
  • ABC deck of 36 cards with all the letters of the alphabet and instructions for 6 games; the pile, the story, the 5 cards, crossword, time and other free play options.
  • 123 deck of cards to play in 6 different ways; kietoparao!, the monkey, the liar, quartets, the highest card and mathematical games.
  • Notebook and two mini pencils with erasers to develop creativity.
  • Origami guide to create 6 figures; rocket, shirt, van, ice cream, apple and rabbit.
  • Tower game; several pieces of wood and a dice, which together with the rest of the checkers' pieces, will exercise fine motor skills and strategy.
  • Guide with 6 games using various elements of the kit:
    • Architecture: copy the figures to reproduce famous buildings.
    • Magic with cards that will leave everyone speechless
    • The Chinese; Guess how many stars you all have together.
    • Constellations; Build them with the stars and the mini sticks.
    • Drawing to 3; a fun game of artistic co-creation using the notebook and paints.
    • The scene; An entertaining game where you can test your memory and attention, using all the elements you want from the kit.
  • Hobby brochure.

And lots of free play options so they can invent whatever they want!


  • Weight: 250g
  • Bag measurements: 19x13cm.

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