Semana de ocio sin pantallas, colaboradores y regalos.

Leisure week without screens, collaborators and gifts.

This week thousands of families have hit pause. We are very grateful for the movement that has been created and that so many people are joining, in one way or another. We leave you a list of how other brands support the week of leisure without screens:

  • Poinplaces puts Anna at your disposal . An “Alexa” service through WhatsApp where you can ask what plans you have nearby based on the age of your children.
  • The Living with Kids online school has free access to its Play workshop, sign up here.
  • Kiboo Spaces- Offers a 10% discount. Discount on Kiboo products during the week, with the code KIETOPARAOKIBOO.
  • Growing up without screens has created an awareness post and has a lot of valuable information at your disposal in its podcast.
  • Vivo Sano Foundation offers free resources and talks for families this week. Here you have more information about the resources.
  • BBk family has given away more than 1,000 decks to educational centers in Bizkaia, to support the screen-free leisure week. And we also leave you access to a Manual with useful information for families. And they are available to families.
  • Screened within the framework of the study “The impact of screens on family life, has a very cool campaign for when they give us the dreaded “I'm bored” . Various studies (University of Lancashire and University of Anglia, among others) ensure that boredom is an opportunity for children to risk exploring new areas of knowledge or innovating those they already know . According to their study, most parents think that if they took their child away from screens for a long time, it would cause boredom, irritation, frustration, anxiety or rebellion.


We have had the support of a lot of cool brands this week:

  • Froggies, dedicated a post to us and gives you a gift.
  • Detectivity has two downloadable downloads available for you on its website.
  • Flipa Pipas has given us two very cool resources: a Tetris and a deck of shapes.
  • Visual andalus teaches us visual hygiene rules.
  • Cloudthinkers helps us learn about cybersecurity with its Escape Room.
  • Mónica Litlle things has designed a mandala, very cool.
  • With the electric shadow theater from Wow play, they will learn to follow a script, crafts...
  • Adventure Seekers has given us a very cool treasure hunt.

Here you have access to all the downloadables. To prepare for the week, have fun and reward the little ones for their effort.

On the map you can see all the schools, companies, foundations, hospitals... that are also participating.

Kietoparao is always a good idea to have fun without screens.

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