¿Por qué en Silicon Valley quieren mantener a los niños alejados de las pantallas?

Why do they want to keep children away from screens in Silicon Valley?

Lately nothing else has been talked about. Technologies and how harmful they can be for children. Furthermore, the fact that the Silicon Valley gurus, those who live by and for technology, do not let their children use it, have set off alarm bells.

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They are the ones who have designed complex algorithms that invite our brain to get hooked on certain content and don't they let their children use them?

For years there has been talk about the measures that Steve Jobs himself placed on his children. But now, many professionals in the sector are concerned about the consequences:

Hunter Walk, who supervised the YouTube projects and does not have technological products like the iPad at home.

Business Insider tells the story of a Silicon Valley family. She works at Apple and he has a company that creates content for YouTube. His 10 and 12-year-old children have limited cell phone use to 10 minutes a week, but they have unlimited access to a bookshelf full of board games and books. The approach is very good... they have hundreds of adventures to discover on the shelves, we have to encourage them to discover in less technological places!

They have experienced firsthand the time and effort that goes into making digital technology irresistible.

In 2017, a survey was conducted among 907 parents in the region by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. This consultation showed high confidence in the benefits of technology but also great concern about the impact on the psychological and social development of children.

So even though technologies are good in many aspects, the key is to set the limits.

We are left with the proposal of an open bar for our children with the bookshelf and board games ! And Kietoparao open bar whenever we are on the street :)

You can see HERE the benefits that board games have on children and on ourselves.


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