¿El teléfono nos escucha? con Laura Davara

Does the phone listen to us? with Laura Davara

Well yes, he listens to us.

But do you know which applications have been given permission for this to happen?

Laura Davara is a doctor of law and a partner in the first firm in Spain dedicated to ICT Law (Information and Communications Technologies). She is also the author of "The definitive book on Social Networks", a guide for families and educators. Today we talked with her about a lot of topics that I tell you, you don't control :). Laws, false myths and a lot of other things.

What laws protect us on the internet? What happens when we upload a photo to social networks?

What if someone uploads a sensitive photo about us?

Laura discovered us the priority channel. A formula that the Spanish Data Protection Agency has to give priority to the removal of highly sensitive content.

Under the motto, you can also stop it, we can report any sensitive content uploaded without consent.

We hope you like it a lot and it helps you with this digital education, which is so important.

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