Descargables que te harán más llevadero el confinamiento

Downloadables that will make confinement more bearable

We recently made a post with game ideas if you were confined, thinking about two situations: confining yourself alone or confining yourself with children.

Today we are going to make you a map of some of the downloadables that can make confinement a little more bearable, with children.


  • Create your own dominoes.
  • Do you dare to create different models of glasses? In this downloadable you have several Enjoyment Glasses
  • Here you have a beautiful mandala that Mónica Little Things created for the week of leisure without screens and it is cool.
  • Do you dare with a shadow theater?


  • Back to school hobbies
  • Hobbies fruits and vegetables. Includes a vegetable domino.
  • 10 days of games + 4 years, created thanks to the support of BBK Family.
  • 10 days of games +6 years, BBK Family.
  • 10 days of games +8 years, BBK Family.


  • Adventure Seekers Treasure Hunt

You have more options in our screen-free leisure week downloadable section.


  • Rainbow Speed ​​from awesome pipes. A complete card game with geometric figures that will help you recognize and memorize shapes while having a great time. A useful and precious resource that the girls from Flipa Pipas created for the week of leisure without screens.
  • Tetris . Another resource from the girls at Flipa Pipas where the Tetris shapes are the protagonists. Create the figures that appear on the cards with the Tetris pieces. Easy and very entertaining.

We hope you enjoy the activities a lot.

In our downloadable section, you have many more. Cheer up!

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