¿Cómo hablar de sexualidad con nuestros hijos e hijas?

How to talk about sexuality with our sons and daughters?

What a fear. But I'm afraid, you have to talk to them about this.

Screens today are giving the little ones access to information that they do not know how to process. Therefore, it is very important to generate a circle of trust at home.

Compromising questions make us all blush. We imagine ourselves giving complex explanations.

The reality is that talking about sexuality is talking about feelings, different bodies, respect, consent... Listening a lot and asking a lot is very important. And if our sons and daughters ask us a question, we have to ask again where they heard it to have all the information possible.

In this live on Instagram with sexologist and teacher Laura from Educating with Sixth Sense, we talk about answering complex questions with simple answers.


According to Laura, sexual education is a value and we are educating all the time. When we talk about respect, pleasure, desire, intimacy... we are doing sexual education.

The first thing we must do is look at ourselves and work if we are going to be able to talk naturally about the subject. If we think not, we can work on it and look for resources such as stories or books that will help us in this task.

Sexual education is done from birth. In the first stages we talk about:

  • Vocabulary: What are the genitals called?
  • Limits and respect .
  • Learn to say no and receive no.
  • Labels.
  • Privacy.

For older people's questions, you can watch the live video where Laura explains how to comment on it naturally.

What resources can we use to help us?

Asexovi Guide . 75 books for sexual education.

It is a very complete guide with children's stories, educational guides... a lot of resources.

For the older ones here a video where they talk about the myths of pornography with fruits and vegetables.

In the live we also talk about a very interesting documentary where teenagers talk openly about social networks and sexuality, in addition to everything related to screens. We highly recommend that you see it. Childhood 2.0

Each one of us in our own area can change the world. Have no doubt.

If you are reading this, it is because you are trying, which is no small thing, thank you!

Families, we are here to help you in this difficult task of educating.

Bear hug!

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