0-3 nada de pantallas, charlamos hoy con Anna Ramis.

0-3 no screens, we chatted today with Anna Ramis.

The first years of our lives are essential. The brain is born immature and begins learning that will last for years. We begin to see, to hear, to speak, to walk... we have many things to learn!

During the first 6 years, as Anna Ramis says, the motherboard is formed. These foundations are crucial for our adult lives. Don't miss this interesting conversation. She is a teacher, pedagogue and mother. In 2018, she began to spread the word about screens as a result of her experience with schools and families.


You can learn more about the importance of respecting the first years without screens in his book 0-3 no screens (available in Catalan and Spanish).

And one last thought. If you did not have this information before and now you do, and you are not in line with some decisions from the past, do not blame yourself, roll up your sleeves and start integrating the changes. We are here to help you.

In the interview with Jose from Unlearning to learn , we give you some tricks to manage screens without shouting.

Thanks for being there!

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