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Party Games - 10 Packs

Party Games - 10 Packs

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Recommended age: From 4 years old.
Languages: Spanish, English and French.

BOX WITH 10 PACKS by Kietoparao Party Games.
Ideal detail for birthdays, parties, weddings and other events. What if we exchange sweets for entertainment?

Each pack contains:

  • Booklet with Look and Find Games.
  • Mini Memory Deck with 3 games.
  • Game 3 in Raya on cardboard with imagination games on the back.
  • 6 pompoms to play 3 in a row.
  • Mini pencil with eraser.
  • Kraft bag.
  • Paper band with pastimes on the inside.
  • Kietoparao sticker for the band's closure.

WE SEND IT TO YOU DISASSEMBLED, so you can add a little more or your little one can give it their personal touch... Great family plan!

Kietoparao has a line of products to offer as a gift for children's birthdays, children's parties, weddings and other events.

Anyone loves a little gift, but they don't have to be candy. Let's give away entertainment, artistic skills, math, etc...

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