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Enjoyment Time Deck

Enjoyment Time Deck

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When we arrived? Mommy, daddy, when are we coming...?

Our intuition tells us that this song sounds familiar to you XD.
Traveling with children can be very fun if you anticipate it or very boring if you don't.

That's why we have prepared some time cards that you can give to the boys and girls when you go on a trip and they are a little more aware of the time you are going to spend in the car, plane, train...

You can give them to them as the trip goes by or you give them the total time it will take to reach the destination at the beginning and they will give them back to you however you want!

Do you remember Disfrutón ?

We have added ideas of games that can be played during those times. Ideas that our friend Disfrutón always gives us.

Traveling can be a great plan to laugh together, let's enjoy it!

Deck time Kietoparao Enjoyment. Special family trip.

The downloadable includes:

  1. Several sheets with time cards in the shape of grains of sand. Do you remember the grains of sand in Disfrutón's bag? You must print them as many times as you need depending on the duration of the trip.
  2. Several sheets with cards of the activities that Disfrutón loves. On each card is the approximate time that each activity lasts.
  3. A sheet with several blank cards so you can add more activities or make your deck from scratch. You can print as many as you need.
  4. Back in case you want to print the cards on both sides and thus have a PRO deck ;).

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