Todo lo que necesitas para surfear la tercera ola, con niñ@s

Everything you need to surf the third wave, with children

We know that it is not easy to stay at home with children. In March of last year, our website collapsed the first weekend of confinement due to the fear that gripped us all. We wanted to have things to do with the little ones and that made us look everywhere for resources.

Today, we have found a surprise: we have reached more than 100,000 downloads of our content! Ooleeeee. Thank you.

We are not entirely aware that it has been helpful to so many people. But it fills us with pride and satisfaction.

As we still have to spend a lot of time at home, we have made a compilation of our top downloadables:


Activity notebook (Basque and Spanish). More than 57,000 downloads. Games and activities offered by BBK FAMILY to help families during the days without school. divided into 3 age ranges: 4 to 6 years, 6 to 8 years and 8 to 10 years. In Spanish and Basque.

Activities. More than 16,000 downloads. A booklet with 18 pages where they will look for the 5 differences, walk through the maze, decorate their own Tangram and Memory, play Nim, make paper figures with the Origami guide, etc... 21 games so that your little one will be entertained for hours.


Nakieto . More than 5000 downloads on our website. A fun game to burn energy and develop memory for ages 2 and up. 2 versions: with and without printer.

Pingo. A very original children's bingo that combines numbers, letters and symbols. Who will be the first to have a line? Who will sing PINGO ;)?

Create your own dominoes. We have created a template so you can download and print. Color your dominoes however you like. Then cut it out and...let's play!


Quarantine . This CuarenTIME Calendar helps you create plans with your children and share quality family time during quarantine.

Time capsule. In this file you can find ideas for objects to put inside, templates for writing notes, making a map, etc... everything you need to prepare your time capsule!

Shadow Theather. Once upon a time there were children full of imagination who created their own theater... and imagination has no age, let's always continue working on it. 6 diverse characters to give maximum emotion to the story.

Audio stories. Listening to stories is a great family plan. On our Spotify you have a list of stories that you can listen to with them and have a great time.

Origami workshop. Download the instructions to carry out the Origami Kietoparao workshop. You will only need paper, paints and round-tip scissors. By following them step by step you can make 5 paper figures that you can then paint and decorate as you like.

Thank you very much for trusting Kietoparao to entertain you as a family. We know that our kits also keep you the most entertaining :)

At Kietoparao we have a clear mission: to support parents who want to educate their children in the responsible use of technologies.

We offer kits with a lot of games prepared for 21st century families.

They barely weigh and take up any space (20 games in 200 gr) and are cheaper than most video games (infinitely better for the mental health of our children and also for the planet, since they are made with natural or recycled materials and are assembled by Lantegi Batuak, people with functional diversity.

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