Semana de ocio sin pantallas 2022. Del 2 al 8 de mayo

Leisure week without screens 2022. From May 2 to 8

Today begins the week of leisure without screens. The event that unites thousands of families with a common goal: to raise awareness about the responsible use of screens.

Any small gesture counts. A day of disconnection, a while or the whole week. From May 2 to 8 you have the challenge of including a small change in your home or in yourself. If you don't know the movement, we will explain it to you in this post from last year.

Kietoparao mini kit

Kietoparao mini kit. Details for birthdays and events.

This year, schools, town councils, foundations, nursing homes are coming together again to raise awareness... If we all do our part, this movement will get bigger every day.

From Kietoparao last week we prepared several live shows on screens where we talked about:

  • How to manage situations with screens when there is already a family conflict? With Beatriz from the Bilbao Psychology Center. You can see HERE THE VIDEO. With Bea we talked about the new family support service that we have launched together. Here you can learn a little more.
  • Manage screens without shouting. With Jose from Desaprendiendo to learn. You can see HERE THE VIDEO.
  • Alternatives to screens while teleworking. With Marta de Pequefelicidad, author of Educate without screens. You can see HERE THE VIDEO.

During this week, we have united as a family and individually with the following challenges:


  • Leave your cell phone stored in a drawer from the moment you stop working until the next day.
  • Do not watch TV when the children go to bed and replace it by going to bed earlier, reading or playing a board game as a couple.


  • Change the Saturday movie for a barbecue with friends.
  • On Sunday take a trip and eat there.

As an idea we also leave you the following options: visit a museum, do some volunteering, organize some sports days among friends, board games...

If at home the children ask for screens during the week, you can offer them a change for time with you, for participating in making their favorite dish...

One of the final conclusions of last week's three direct sessions is that We need a change of outlook towards childhood to manage them better. Some very interesting notes:

  • Do not use screens as a reward or punishment.
  • Try to put ourselves in the shoes of our children and manage conflicts from empathy.
  • Leave the rush aside.
  • Review the way we communicate with our children.
  • The need to anticipate situations.
  • Be a model and their reference.

This is not about screens, it is about education, as our friend María Zalbidea says.

We are sure that we can all do our part. But important, each one within their possibilities. We don't want to do everything in one week. There are no magic formulas behind screen management. There are many hours of work. But the use we make can be improved and we want to help you in the process.

The week of May 9 to 15 we will have more live shows. So stay tuned!

and in our website you have downloadables and much more information Thanks for joining!

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