Semana de ocio sin pantallas 2021

Leisure week without screens 2021

Leisure Week without screens is a great challenge.

The objective is for families to reflect on the use we make of screens in our leisure time. And let each one propose an improvement during that week. Any small step will be welcomed.

It is a movement that comes from the US and that began in 1994 by turning off the TV. Since that moment thousands of families have joined together. Here you have more information about why we think we need to reflect:

Here you can download more information about the Screen-Free Leisure Week movement.

Within the framework of Leisure Week without screens we wanted to provide information. We are doing it in the form of Instagram live streams so that families have resources to make decisions.

The first live show was with María Couso , talking about the brain.


Here we leave you the link to the live

There is a lot of important information for families with children under 6 years old. We have to understand that the little ones in the house do not need screens in their first years of life and that if we have to resort to them at some point, consider them as a family plan or content appropriate for their age.

Many experts warn that children under 6 years old should not play with mobile applications, for example.

We will continue to report on the live events and the rest of the information related to the week of leisure without screens.

Remember that together we can make better decisions with screens.

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