Reto familiar para la semana de ocio sin pantallas. El día del sí

Family challenge for the week of leisure without screens. Yes day

Setting positive challenges in the family is very important for the week of leisure without screens. The goal is to spend more time with your family free of distractions and make it memorable. That's why we propose the most fun challenge we have come up with for the whole family. The day of yes.

Does this movie sound familiar to you? Go watch the trailer and then come back

The day of yes.

Yes Day is a fun comedy that we recommend you watch as a family a few weeks before +7. It's a little crazy, yes, but don't be scared, we're going to set rules so that things don't get out of hand and for them it's going to be a great plan.

The protagonists of the film decide to give their children a "yes" day, because they realize that since they became parents they have stopped doing fun things and NO is one of the most heard words in their vocabulary. For 24 hours the children will rule. Little did they know that they would embark on a dizzying adventure around Los Angeles, which will unite their family more than ever.

How to plan Yes Day as a family?

We recommend you watch the movie a few weeks before and tell the boys and girls that you are going to give them a "yes" day, during the week of leisure without screens. Each family can organize it how and when they want.

From here we propose some basic rules. They can choose one or two plans but they have to comply with some rules:

  • Shoestring budget.
  • Plans can only be made within a limit of kilometers around.
  • It can't be anything dangerous or something we're afraid of (parachuting, for example...)
  • Nothing that destroys things (in the movie they make them open the car windows in a car wash, you can't do that.
  • It has to be fun for everyone
  • No screens, in the movie it is the children who take away the screens from the adults.

Also add your own rules.

In the movie, to say yes, the little ones agree to do all the tasks that correspond to them, without question: cleaning, cooking, chores...

Plan big plans in advance.

To ensure that the plan is a success but not crazy, like some of the scenes in the movies... we recommend preparing your requests in advance. Tell us what main plan they want to do (entering within the rules that we set) and that during the day they can make simpler requests (food, dessert...)

DOCUMENTATION for family reunion:

  • We have created a list of standards and the possibility of adding some of your own.
  • You also have blank rules so that each family can make their own from the beginning.

IDEAS TO DO that day:

  • Spend the day hiking.
  • Doing something super fun: zip lines, amusement park, canoes... will depend a lot on where we live and the budget.
  • They choose what to eat, dessert, recipe...
  • Let them decide about things they didn't do before: their clothes, yours...

You can Download this information and the list here to create your own rules.

We have already raised it at home and the requests have been:

  • A swim in an orbit pool.
  • Go matching dresses. It occurred to me to paint some t-shirts for that day.
  • Bubble waffle dessert.
  • And we'll see the main plan.

Don't be afraid of him to the day of yes and live it as if you were a child again.

Thank you for following us in our crazy things!

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Me a gustado mucho lo que pone que los niños también pueden elegir los planes.
Me a convencido y lo voy a hacer un día 😁


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