Regala tiempo. Hacer tribu, fundamental para la crianza

Give time. Making a tribe, essential for parenting

What do you think if you give time away?

We always talk about how little we dedicate ourselves to taking care of ourselves as a couple or individually: work, the kids, housework... they drive us crazy.

There is an African proverb that says: "It takes an entire tribe to raise a child."

And we think he is very right.

That is why we have created this downloadable where you can form a tribe and give quality time to adults and children. A voucher for adults and others for children where you offer to take care of the other family's little ones for an afternoon, a night, a weekend... Whatever you want. This way the couple or person is free to take care of themselves as they prefer.

Joining a tribe in these times and helping each other can make the difference between being overwhelmed or calmer.

As we mentioned in yesterday's post, 71% of families rely on grandparents to take care of the little ones. And many times, we do not ask for the favor of staying with them to go out to dinner or take care of us because it seems that that is not a priority. To work we ask for help but not to have moments of leisure.

Downloadable voucher to be a nanny
So give some family time for themselves.
You will be very happy to help and they will also be very happy to receive it.
Voucher for pajama party
In the downloadable you have:
Ok for... blank
Options for adults:
Good for a night of pingos
or it's worth a spa afternoon...
And options for children:
Good for a pajama party
or it's worth an afternoon with...
We have already given it away here and they loved it.
A detail, easy, simple and for the whole family.
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