¿Qué ha pasado con Roald Dahl y qué relación tiene esto con las pantallas?

What has happened to Roald Dahl and what relationship does this have with the screens?

The controversy is served. Yesterday we woke up to the news that some Roald Dahl titles are going to be rewritten. Words like fat or ugly are going to be removed from their texts so as not to offend sensitivities. That is, change the original content, so that in the present and future no one can feel offended.

Roald Dahl is the author of books such as: Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... well-known titles, full of magic, imagination and values.

From our point of view, if we had to change all the publications where it says fat or ugly, or all the movies in which a swear word is said... we would never finish remaking or rewriting. The past is part of our present. From cinema, art, literature... we would have an endless task.

If we take this vision to the present, to the screens for example, we should erase all the inappropriate content that exists on the planet so that our sons and daughters cannot see them, so that they do not feel hurt... don't you get anxious? Just by thinking?

Our mission as families is not to overprotect. It is educating boys and girls who are capable of identifying what is right and what is wrong. Knowing where the limits are or understanding that a viral challenge is dangerous in and of itself. Because we are not always going to be there to help them.

Nowadays, content creation is in the hands of anyone: educated people, uneducated people... So we need to continually talk to them about viral videos, challenges, sexual education... to empower them so they can make good decisions.

We cannot change the past, we can look at it with the eyes of the present. We also cannot control what others do to our children, we can educate them so that they know how to defend themselves.

This way we can reflect, learn, debate... It is a very interesting topic to talk about as a family, so now we have a topic for dinner :)

Here is a list of some of Roald Dahl's books , which we will try to buy in the original version:

Thank you for stopping by to read us.

We remind you of our cuteness to entertain you outside and inside the home. If you bring alternatives, the screens will pass away.

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