Más de 10 regalos de comunión que no son un móvil

More than 10 communion gifts that are not a mobile phone

Even though it has been a trend for years, we must continue helping boys and girls to create, play and feel free. Here we give you a lot of ideas to make your gift a success and not just a cell phone.

  • Instant printer.
  • Book series by an author you like.
  • Board game kits to always carry with you like Kietoparao
  • Robotics. We leave you an article from El País with several options.
  • Sport: bike, electric scooter…
  • Custom sneakers . Nike has a section to customize the shoes with your own style. You can personalize them and give them a surprise on their day.

  • Drawing kit. Idea books and watercolor paints.
  • A weekend trip for the whole family-Accommodation.
  • Tickets to a concert you like, a football game, basketball...
  • ExperiencesCanoeing , surfing class…

  • A musical instrument to get you started on: guitar, ukulele, drums...
  • a family album
  • a drone
  • Building games

Another gift that can make that day extra special is a time capsule . A jar to put memories of that day and the previous 10 years.

In this downloadable you will find:

  • A standard letter and letter templates to write yours.
  • An A4 so you can put the name of the boy or girl and print it on a sticker.
  • Some cards where friends and family can put messages of remembrance.
  • And a plan-map where you can write where they are going to store the capsule.

You just have to print it and buy an airtight container to store everything, approximately one liter so that a few things can fit. You have here is the one we bought we.

Thank you for continuing to inspire the little ones!

hope you liked it.

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