Lugares Kids friendly ¿cómo afrontar la nueva realidad en tu negocio?

Kids friendly places, how to face the new reality in your business?

Common places in hotels, restaurants or public places can no longer be what they were. Ball parks, shared games, play spaces... We cannot have contact and at Kietoparao we offer solutions for any business. This way, businesses will continue to be fun and appealing to families.

We all have to adapt, but it may be the opportunity for businesses to position themselves on the side of boys and girls. And take a positive part from it: implement solutions that also help them create branding.

At Kietoparao we want your visits to be memorable. The experience of customers and users is always a priority and now we just have to turn it around to adapt to it.

The importance of playing, having a good time and enjoying family, creates indelible memories for a lifetime. So we have to take steps in the new reality.

Takeaway Games How about giving them a paper game that they can take away?

Paper with sustainable forest certification and 100% recyclable

  1. CUT-OUT CARD with or without logo. Individual games that can be carried with you to play later anywhere.

2. HOBBIES with or without logo (possibility of buying pencils).

Other options:

  1. POINT OF SALE OF KITS. It is another way to give clients healthy leisure alternatives for boys and girls.

2. DETAIL. We offer many customization possibilities.

From labels with the business logo to the possibility of creating custom games.

Isn't it amazing to find a detail like this?

Kietoparao mini_details_hotels_companies_hospitality

If we seek to improve the customer experience in our business, it is best to offer the maximum alternatives. And currently contagion-free alternatives. That other people have not manipulated it before.

What businesses could offer our alternatives?

Anyone who has the slightest concern about what is currently happening with the use of mobile phones.

You already know everything that worries us here: early abandonment of the game, addiction at an early age, abuse of hours of screens...

Hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, socially conscious companies, here we are to send a message together: let's use technologies wisely and not let them dominate our lives.

Town halls: common areas, swimming pools, details for events (parties, Christmas)...

Alternatives so that families feel that they are thinking of us, offering measures adapted to a new situation.

Can you help us and tell someone who can help?

There are many places that think about families. Let's tell him.

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