Kietoparao llega a chile

Kietoparao arrives in Chile

June 20, 2019. Kickstarter campaign.

Kietoparao for sale in Chile

From that day Verónica began to be part of our lives and also of Kietoparao. It began supporting sales in Spain, looking for institutions that would support the Leisure Week without screens, customer management in Chile...

But the day came when we took another step. And we can now say that… drum roll… Kietoparao lands in Chile. From the hand of this brave woman who one day saw us on the Antena 3 news

Direct Kietoparao Antenna 3

Verónica Alvarado is our representative in Chile from today and we could not have a better ally. So close to our principles, so hard-working, so Kietapará.

We are going to land there with the same services that we have here:

  • Personalization and stationery service for companies.
Kietoparao Stationery

Kietoparao Stationery

It has been 3 years since this email that changed all of our lives a little, so much so that today, we begin a new adventure on the other side of the pond.

Thanks Vero! And thanks Chile!

We need to help many more families in the responsible use of screens.

For more information in Chile and Latam:

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