Kietoparao da la cara con Alba Sueiro Román

Kietoparao shows his face with Alba Sueiro Román

Alba Sueiro called us to chat, talk and tell our story.

We always sign up for a bombing, but we really wanted this one. Thank you Alba for giving us the opportunity to talk about what truly concerns us, the mental and emotional health of children. We always say that we do not sell kits, that we have a mission that goes much further: to educate in the responsible use of technologies.

Thank you also for considering us activists and a responsible brand, we try to be that. For every kit sold we know that there is a family aware of responsible screen education and that is already a great milestone. Hopefully there will be more and more of us and hopefully governments and institutions will get down to the task, before it is too late.

More and more hotels, restaurants, institutions and brands ask us to work together to join in the task. Every grain of sand counts.

We hope you enjoy the interview. Here you have the full article on Alba's blog.

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