Ideas por si algún regalo no llega a tiempo

Ideas in case a gift doesn't arrive on time

The question that is most frequently asked by all the assistants of the Three Wise Men is: will it arrive for Three Kings Day?

Maybe yes, or maybe not. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, but as we have no shortage of imagination, here are some ideas so instead of getting nervous, look for an alternative and give them one more surprise.

If they have siblings and only one of them is missing, save a gift from each sibling.

1. Consider leaving gifts somewhere where it's easy for them to miss something.
Inside a closet, in the pantry, under a bed where there are more things... You can put a letter from the Three Wise Men in the shoes they have left at night to guide them to the place where you want to take them. The day the missing gift arrives, leave it in the gift box. Leave it under a blanket, a cloth, inside a box... Prepare it so that they are the ones to find it. Make up something for them to go there or ask them to bring something from the closet... and magic.
It happened to us at home on the 24th. The gifts appeared in a woodshed at my parents' house. The next day we hid a gift in the same place and covered it with wood. When we had it ready, we took a walk nearby and it occurred to them to go back in to relive the moment of finding the gifts and... there it was! The surprise, the laughter and the excitement were enormous.
2. If you want to make it a little easier, take your cell phone and record the sound of the doorbell with the recorder . When the gift arrives and you have it ready, leave it on the doormat and press play on the doorbell. Ask them to come open the door and...magic!!
3. Give it to a neighbor or family member. He may appear at home with the excuse that they have found him at home or on the way while going home.
4. Leave a letter in the mailbox in your name. In that letter there must be instructions on how to get the gift: clues, that someone else has it... Canva is the design tool that we use and it is great so that you can create a personalized letter for your little ones.
5. The Kings have left it by the wayside. Take a walk to the storage room, the garage a few minutes before having to go there. Leave a gift on the stairs and let them see it first.
Add an extra bit of magic, which also applies to Three Kings Day:
  • Leave crumbs of whatever they were given to eat that day.
  • Create footprints that can mark the path. Of a person or a camel.
  • Create a glitter path.
  • Leave something along the way that the Three Wise Men might have dropped from the locker room: a precious stone, a glove, a feather...
You can download the apology letter from the Three Wise Men here, with three different designs:
Sorry family, we had left this gift for you in the bag.
Merry christmas! See you next year.
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