Ideas de carnaval para todos los niveles y sin estereotipos.

Carnival ideas for all levels and without stereotypes.

Are you one of those who works hard at carnival or rather one of those who improvises? We have thought of all of them. Here are carnival ideas for all levels:

  • Level: I make do with whatever I have at home.

Caco-thief costume

Easy crook costume.

Easy bunch of grapes with balloons costume

Bunch of grapes costume

Bathing boy costume

Child bathing


rocker costume

  • Level: I don't mind stopping by the bazaar for two little things.

Easy mime costume

mime costume

Easy grandmother costume

Easy grandmother costume, you can version it as a grandfather.

Easy mouse costume

Easy mouse costume

  • Level: I'll do my best.

DIY Grid Diver Costume

Click here to see the image.

diy costume mask

traditional mask

traditional portuguese costume

Caretos from Podence, Portugal. Considered a World Heritage Site.

Astronaut and rocket cardboard costume

rocket costume

Robot costume with cardboard as a family

robot costume

Mental note! It involves all members of the house. They love being part of it and being a part of their costumes will fill them with pride and satisfaction.

We leave you more than 70 ideas on Pinterest.

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