Halloween mágico, respetuoso y lleno de actividades.

Magical, respectful and full of activities Halloween.

I'm one of those who spends hours on Pinterest every year, spending time looking for ideas for anything... a birthday party or a nice Halloween.

Halloween Kietoparao Potions Halloween Kietoparao

I keep a lot of information, but I almost never have time to recreate what I see there. We are subjected to so much information that it often overwhelms me.

In the case of Halloween, my children love it, but I didn't really like it. In the bazaars I only see things that are scary, frightening and that I don't think are suitable for the little ones.

Halloween can be a magical holiday if we celebrate it beautifully and with respect. My thing has always been to respond to… how? But this year we have the key.

Halloween Kietoparao Downloadable Halloween Kietoparao

Crafts, decoration, party activities, costumes...

We have created a downloadable with 125 pages so that you have a beautiful and respectful Halloween month , without having to make any effort. You will have the little ones entertained with crafts and the possibility of organizing a family Halloween at home or however you have planned. Everything in one place.

Halloween Kietoparao Spell Halloween Kietoparao Spell

In the downloadable you will find two parts:

A user guide and a document to print. 125 pages full of options and tasks, all organized so you don't waste hours looking for ideas. In the guide we explain what you are going to find in the document to print and we show you photos of the result:

  • What I need?
  • Garland silhouettes
  • Posters for home
  • Old pictures
  • Food labels
  • Food decoration
  • 5 games
  • potion tags
  • Incantation
  • Costumes
  • 5 hobby sheets
  • Craft
  • Inspiration

We can take advantage of the month to be entertained and make plans in which they can participate in creating the party and decoration. They will love having them participate.

Halloween Kietoparao Game Poisoned Apple Halloween Kietoparao Game Poisoned Apple

Here you can buy the downloadable one for €5.95

We are very happy with the result. At home it has been a success preparing Halloween a month before. For your information, I think our house is going to stay like this until we change it for Christmas decorations.

Halloween Kietoparao Decoration Halloween Kietoparao Decoration

We want to thank all our friends and family who have helped us make a month's worth of content, in two days (wink, wink).

Halloween Kietoparao Food Halloween Kietoparao food decoration.

Papito and Manuela for the photos, Judith for the pumpkin search, Dorle for the tablecloth search, Ginebra for: the crafts, excursions, gadgets and ideas... Leo, Martina, Conor and Alex for being the best helpers and finders of acorns of the world world. Aintzane for the fotacas, like always. Vero for being our eyes from Chile. Fer for having everything ready to hit play. Villa up for leaving us junk. Isasi and Laia for the ghost Nancys. Angie for the pumpkins. Andrés for the patience.

Thanks everyone.

We hope you like it and that you have a magical month.

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