Entretener a niños en tiempos de coronavirus

Entertaining children in times of coronavirus

Children without school to prevent coronavirus. We know that it can be an impossible mission. Here we leave you activities and games that you can download for free so that you are entertained and can breathe a little ? Cheer up!

NOTE: It is intended to print double-sided

NáKieto is the complete game we have created for quarantine. So you don't have to spend all day thinking about what to do with them. Click here to find out a little more.


Also in our FREE GAMES section you have a lot of other games and hobbies for you to download and print at home. For free!

At Kietoparao we have a clear mission: to support parents who want to educate their children in the responsible use of technologies.

We offer kits with a lot of games prepared for 21st century families.

They barely weigh and take up any space (20 games in 200 gr) and are cheaper than most video games (infinitely better for the mental health of our children and also for the planet, since they are made with natural or recycled materials and are assembled by Lantegi Batuak, people with functional diversity.

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