El kit de juegos para niños que entusiasmará a los adultos

The children's game kit that will delight adults

I'm bored... can you let me have your cell phone? Anyone who has children around has surely heard this phrase.

Leaving your cell phone to the little ones seems like a good idea to keep them entertained when we are away from home, but it can create several problems for us.

Apart from those related to leaving us without data, access to inappropriate content, etc., there are more and more studies against the use of mobile phones in minors (concentration problems, intolerance of frustration, lack of control...) and The most curious thing, the technology creators themselves restrict the use of devices to their children! ( see articles about it )

We believe that we must make more responsible use of technologies and we have thought of a new solution for entertainment that has the same advantages of mobile phones but without the drawbacks that studies are showing they have.

The solution is called kietoparao , game kits that you can take anywhere (they barely weigh and fit in a pocket like a cell phone) that allows children to have fun both individually and in company.

They are a set of games that encourage your creativity, your memory and reinforce skills such as concentration, mathematical or social thinking that are very important for the STEAM professions of the future.

And the best of all? who really enjoy the kietosparaos. We love seeing their smiling faces playing our particular goose, making origami or solving the challenges we set for them.

In the original kietoparao there are 20 games in only 200 grams.

In the medium kit there are 12 games and the bag itself is another game

And the surprise kietosparaos , small kits in which the content is a surprise, always following the kietoparao philosophy: games made of light and resistant materials that respect the environment. They all contain a hobby for individual entertainment and a game so they can entertain themselves with other children.

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