Descargable. Certificado para que tus hij@s recuerden todo lo feliz que te hacen

Downloadable. Certificate so that your children remember everything they make you happy

During Christmas, I heard a lot of information regarding the number of gifts children receive. I found the rule of 5 gifts very interesting to not give them everything they ask for. From there, we created another theory, which we leave you in this post and consists of stopping to think and thank, before writing the letter.

Returning to the topic of gifts, we thought that this theory could include something else that would help us in their education and we thought about doing an experiment with Martina, the oldest of our children.

In addition to the gifts from Three Kings, we left him a package that they had not left him. It was ours. But it wasn't a doll or another kietoparao, like she wanted ;)

Martina is an incredible girl who makes us very happy. Why not remind him how great it has been to enjoy this year with him?

Because we all have bad moments, but there are much more good ones.

I printed this certificate, put his name in gold, and his father and I signed it below.

When he got to opening the gifts, we left this one for last. Because it wasn't the Three Wise Men's, it was ours. She immediately thought of a painting, but when she opened it she was amazed.

We explained to him that this year had been great with him and we wanted him to remember every day. Furthermore, this important title granted by the most illustrious Kietoparao, was a renewable title "wink, wink ;)" and we also made that clear.

Certificate. Immaterial Christmas gift to remember everything that makes you happy

Hey, when they asked her what she liked most about her Christmas gifts, she said her Kietoparao Title :)

It was a surprising experiment, because we thought he wouldn't pay much attention to it, but hey... it worked. It's true that she says she's a fan of Kietoparao, I don't know if that had an influence. But now, every night, she glances at it to remind herself that this year is going to be amazing, too.

If you like it, we leave you a downloadable here. It is a pdf that contains 6 certificate designs, in Spanish. For all types of families: two parents or single parent. Print only the page that corresponds to your family and that's it.

So if you want to make your little ones a little happier, remind them how happy they make you... A kietoparao for outside the home and the certificate for the nightstand. That combination doesn't fail.

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