¿Confinado? Con niños y sin ellos, necesitas este post.

Confined? With children and without them, you need this post.

The truth is that we are increasingly surrounded: either you are confined or surrounded by confined people. So we have come to give you fun and useful ideas to suffer a little less:

  • Our first recommendation is to make a calendar of the days you have left at home. For adults or children it is good to see how less and less is left.
  • The second is to make a list of things you would like to do. You can include them in the calendar.
  • The third is to make a screen use plan. For adults and children. Changing screen time with radio, podcasts, storytelling... is a good option.


Simple game ideas:

  • Soap bubbles in the bathroom. If you don't have a pomper, invent one.
  • Cut . You need scissors adapted for the age and sheets or magazines. You can simply cut it or create a collage of the days of confinement :)
  • Paint. Simple drawings or mandalas for the older ones. Here you have downloadable coloring pages.
  • Obstacle courses at home . Put whatever you can think of so that they jump, run, crouch...
  • An afternoon of karaoke . Spotify has the option to put the lyrics of the songs and give it your all "beibi"!
  • My tasks. Teach them how to sew on a button or pick up a hem.
  • Plan a trip with them. Choosing a destination, looking for cool plans, where to eat... A great trip can be a great resource for boring times.


With these ideas it will be a little more bearable:

  1. Make yourself a playlist of those that lift your spirits. From your years of partying, songs that make you smile...
  2. Review moments from TV history that move you, make you dance and laugh:

Dance to the rhythm of Shakira and Jennifer López at the Super Bowl

When Freddie Mercury stopped the world.

History of Spain "foreva"

If you want me to go.

One peseta each Spanish.

Carlos tries to tear it off.



Pink at Eurovision.

I have come to talk about my book.

Iniesta of my life.

Iker and Sara at the World Cup.

Who puts his leg on me.

Big Brother 1.Remix

Laughter attack in Patricia's Diary.

  • Look for funny podcasts like: Nobody knows anything , The group , Stretching the gum .
  • What things do you have pending to do that you haven't had time for until now? Write a letter, organize family photos, an album for someone special....
  • Take an online course.
  • Cook and keep it in the freezer to avoid entering the house after confinement.
  • Marathon of some series.
  • Book marathon .
  • Organize a trip. You're probably excited to think about taking a trip somewhere. Start researching and plan the trip during your time of confinement.
  • Learn to sew: a sock, a button...

We remind you of our cuteness for when you can leave the house or to also entertain yourself inside, we are very clever.

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