¿Cómo nació Kietoparao?

How was Kietoparao born?

Bilbao, 4 pm. Marc's Restaurant

Martina started having a tantrum.

My adorable little 4 year old girl fell to the ground and started screaming. It was the first time. He had taken the tablet away without warning. And his unexpected reaction left me quite worried.

Hello friends, do you have children around you?

Have you experienced a similar situation with a child around you?

This chapter is part of my life. Welcome to Kietoparao.

My name is María and Martina is now 6 years old.

After that day I started researching how screens affect the development of our children.

And the truth is that it made me worry a little more. The prolonged use of technology is causing anxiety, depression, self-esteem problems, etc. to an entire generation of children.

As a mother I had to do something. And that's why we're here. Kietoparao was born to solve the needs of today's parents: having a coffee, eating in a restaurant, traveling, waiting in a waiting room... and keeping the little ones calm without being glued to the phone.

What is Kietoparao?

Kietoparao are educational and fun kits to beat the screens. The idea is to replicate the characteristics of a smartphone in a kit: it is light, has a lot of entertainment and you can always carry it in your pocket or bag. Recommended for children 4 years and older

In it Original kietoparao come 20 sets in only 200 gr of weight!

In the medium kit there are 12 games and the bag itself is another game

And the kietosparao mini small kits always follow the kietoparao philosophy: games made of light and resistant materials that respect the environment. They all contain a hobby for individual entertainment and a game so they can entertain themselves with other children.


“Kietoparao” comes from the Spanish phrase “quieto parao” frequently used to ask children to be quiet for a little while. That happens with our kits. Now the children directly ask us for their kietoparaos to play with.


We have a clear mission: to support parents who want to educate their children in the responsible use of technologies. We are not against technology. On the contrary, when used correctly, technology can be a great educational tool . It is our responsibility to show children when and how to use it.

We believe it is important not to exclude children from participating in family life and making social connections in public places where the primary purpose is to share and spend quality time with friends and loved ones. That's why Kietoparao was born.

Our goal is to become an educational complement by providing real alternatives to screens. Look around you at the impact of screens on adults: couples who don't look at each other on a date, friends who only talk through messages, etc... will you join the #kietoparao movement?

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