¿Cómo entretener a los niños en tu negocio?

How to entertain children in your business?

Undoubtedly, parents prefer, when they go out for a drink or to eat, places where their children can be entertained.

It is not necessary to make a large investment in swings, consoles or entertainers, with an investment of only 2 cents per child you can achieve it.

This is the price from which you can purchase one from our hobby brochure. They are 8-page brochures with challenges, hobbies and a lot of other games that allow you to keep the little ones entertained and the whole family enjoying your establishment.

Customizing Hobbies for Business

  • Our challenges and games are specially designed to keep children entertained for longer.
  • Our hobbies help them develop skills such as concentration, spatial vision, strategy, mathematical ability, etc.
  • They all include a board to play endless times, the little ones love taking them home to continue playing!
  • Improve your branding (the little ones will remember the place that gives them games to take home)
  • Improve your customer's experience (adults will be much more relaxed enjoying the food and drink while the children "stand still")
  • It's cheaper than a placemat
  • It is better for the environment (it is not something disposable but has multiple uses)
  • You will also contribute your grain of sand in education in the responsible use of technologies , offering an option to prevent children from being constantly glued to their cell phones.

They can be personalized with your corporate image and come in Spanish, English, and French for your international clientele.

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