Carta de los Reyes Magos

Letter of the Three Wise Men

The truth is that the limitless excitement that is seen on their faces when they meet them is indescribable. Eyes wide open, nerves on edge...

Many of us are still in that phase in which they continue to believe and continue to see Christmas with eyes full of innocence.

Others of you find yourself at the next level, where you have to explain to the children that “They think their father is an Elf” That yes he is, yes he is… He is an Elf.

An Elf who has helped Three Wise Men, Santa Claus or Olentzero for years. That he has even drunk the water from the camels (not from the vases...) so that no one would suspect his exploits and that he has spent hours from toy store to toy store to find that “sold out toy.”

But what happens when you have to explain it to them?

The truth is that there are a few alternatives to the jug of cold water that can mean “yes, son, that's us.”

Of all those that we have found on the Internet, we are left with a letter that “The Three Wise Men, Santa Claus or Olentzero” send to the parents when the child is born and in which they ask the parents for help to carry out this task of leaving the gifts on the tree every Christmas.

We have created our own version so that you can download, with the three protagonists:

Letter from the Three Wise Men to the family
Letter from Santa Claus to the family
Letter from Olentzero to the family

The version is generalized, but you can also create yours with the names of your children.

Does anyone with experience on the subject who can give us some advice?

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