5 ideas fáciles para celebrar San Valentin.

5 easy ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day It can be celebrated in many ways and we suggest you do it with some detail. Not so much as a couple's celebration, but with a focus more aimed at thanking the people who love us.

Here are 5 ideas that cost very little and that will make the day very special:

  • Messages around the house. Take the opportunity to leave messages of love and laughter inside the refrigerator, in a drawer, at lunch, under the pillow.

Notes for writing Valentine's Day messages

  • Letter. The only thing we receive today are bills in the mail, why not leave a letter in their mailbox? To the children, the little ones to the grandparents, the children to a friend...
  • Fun craft. Ask the little ones to make a craft inspired by Valentine's Day, but let them invent it. The rule is that it is easy, using only paper/cardboard and paints or watercolors... It will be a success and they will surely surprise you.

Valentine's Day greeting card idea

  • Rapport game. It can be very fun to play a bonding game to show that we are a team. Ideas: carrying an orange with your heads together, carrying a ball with your back... More ideas are welcome.
  • Special dinner. Heart-shaped pizza, heart-shaped dumplings, salad with heart-shaped cheese, heart-shaped strawberries... Easy, simple and for the whole family.

heart shaped pizza for valentine

None of these plans will take you much time but they will make the day a little more fun and special. We remind you that if you also want to keep the little ones entertained with hobbies, you have here a special downloadable Valentine's Day.

Life is too short to say no to a party. Valentine's Day is also valid, even though El Corte Inglés invented it 

Here we leave you our compilation of Valentine's Day ideas with more food, crafts and games ideas.

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