11 de febrero día internacional de la mujer y la niña en la ciencia

February 11 International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today is a day to make visible the role of women and girls in science. We are in love with the #nomorematildas initiative that aims to raise awareness of women who have always been in the shadow of science.

And we have been encouraged to do our bit.

Our red kit contains a little piece of astronomy and that is why we wanted to pay tribute to those women who contributed their grain or mountain of sand in that area.

The universe and everything that surrounds it is something that has always intrigued us a lot, that is why we include in this kit the possibility of creating two constellations and from there the boys and girls continue investigating space.

That is why our tribute to women and science is linked to Astronomy.

We have found a 2009 calendar from the Spanish Astronomy Society ( sea-astronomía.es) with information about Astronomers who made history, and we are attaching it here so you can download it.

Some of the women talked about:

  • Hypatia of Alexandria IV-V, a woman with an immense influence on her time. Also in fields such as medicine and philosophy. The film Ágora is based on his story.
  • Fátima of Madrid 10th-11th centuries, who worked on the calculation of the true positions of the sun.
  • Maria Winkelmann Kirch 1670-1720 . The "1702 comment" was the first to be discovered by a woman.
  • Nicole-Reire Leparte 1723-1788 . An asteroid and a crater are named after him.
  • Caroline Lucretia Herschel 1750-1848. He discovered eight comets.

In addition, they also have educational notebooks and a lot of interesting information related to science on their website. In the section with A for astronomers you can find much more information.

Learning, also having women as references and awakening curiosity about science is very important.

Here you have a downloadable so you can learn a little more about space and the constellations. We hope you like it.

At Kietoparao we have a clear mission: to support parents who want to educate their children in the responsible use of technologies.

We offer kits with a lot of games prepared for 21st century families.

They barely weigh and take up any space (20 games in 200 gr) and are cheaper than most video games (infinitely better for the mental health of our children and also for the planet, since they are made with natural or recycled materials and are assembled by Lantegi Batuak, people with functional diversity.

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